Why Choose Us?

We were born and raised in the Holy Land and we are passionate about the history and faith of our home. Trinity Tour Travels is a family-owned business and has been operating since 2010!

The AbuFarha family has been devoted to provide professional, courteous, spiritual, and personalized tours. We grow up walking the streets of Jerusalem, we have learned to listen to God’s word and sense his presence while sailing on the Sea of Galilee. We retraced the life of Jesus throughout our whole lives. Eddie, Danielle each one of us was born and raised in the Holy land and our long experience will be used in customizing your tour. We consider it a privilege and an honor to guide you through the land of the Bible! When it comes to traveling through the Holy Land, you won’t find anyone more knowledgeable on the area or more enthusiastic about sharing its beauty and wonder! We know our home town certainly has its share of historical, cultural, and many enjoyable attractions, our mission is to provide our tourists with a spiritual transformation that they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives.