Holy Land Tours & Pilgrimages

A Holy Land tour with Trinity Tour Travels will transform your life. Biblical stories once flat on the page will spring to life. At home, when you open your Bible, you will see the setting you once witnessed in person, you will breathe in the same air. You will feel your soul filled with bliss and fullness as your connection to God is strengthened hour by hour, day by day.

Although you can experience the Bible in your imagination, your soul will take flight when you gain true knowledge from real-life experiences in the Holy Land. Walk where Jesus walked, envision the Stations of the Cross, see where He died for our sins, and see where He rose from the dead. How could you ever be the same again?

Holy Land Tours

Fr. Hugo Medellin
Aug 31 - Sep 9
Holy Land Fr. Hugo Medellin USD $3,400.00 Book tour
Rev. Seejo Thandiackal
Aug 31 - Sep 9
Holy Land Rev. Seejo Thandiackal USD $3,700.00 Book tour
Fr. Pierre Joseph
Sep 22 - Oct 1
Holy Land Fr. Pierre Joseph USD $3,200.00 Book tour
Fr. Tony Kruse
Sep 22 - Oct 1
Holy Land Fr. Tony Kruse USD $3,200.00 Book tour
Fr. Dustin Collins
Oct 5 - Oct 14
Holy Land Fr. Dustin Collins USD $3,350.00 Book tour
Fr. Jeffery Mcbeth
Oct 12 - Oct 21
Holy Land Fr. Jeffery Mcbeth USD $3,400.00 Book tour
Fr. Bob Bacik
Oct 19 - Oct 28
Holy Land Fr. Bob Bacik USD $3,200.00 Book tour
Fr. Bob Penhallurick
Oct 26 - Nov 4
Holy Land Fr. Bob Penhallurick USD $3,450.00 Book tour
Fr. Rick Bokinskie
Nov 2 - Nov 11
Holy Land Fr. Rick Bokinskie USD $3,300.00 Book tour
Fr. Paul Pecchie
Jan 14 - Jan 23
Holy Land Fr. Paul Pecchie USD $3,300.00 Book tour

Holy Land and Jordan Tours

Fr. Herb Weber
Jun 10 - Jun 19
Holy Land & Jordan Fr. Herb Weber USD $3,700.00 Book tour
Fr. Thomas Boufford
Sep 14 - Sep 24
Holy Land & Jordan Fr. Thomas Boufford USD $3,450.00 Book tour

Holy Land and Rome Tours

There are no available tours. Please contact us at 1-800-687-0306 for more information.